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Hallmarks of Products & Services from EWS

Software: real-time measurement, high-speed Bus and network interfacing, concise structure and customized to specific requirements.

Thick Boards: the production of extremely thick panels (up to 8 inches thick) is safeguarded by a patented measuring method of blow detection.

Thin Boards: we offer market-leading technology that meets today’s high-speed production needs; for example, our systems evaluate measurement data in real-time.

Moisture Measuring: Online and laboratory moisture measuring systems that are extremely accurate, stable and not influenced by changes in color, temperature or compaction density.

Production Skills: EWS products are state-of-the-art and supported by high-level technical service that is prompt and flexible; we are there when you need us most.



“Accurate measurement data matters - that’s why we’re here”

EWS News
New Improved Accurate Weight-per-Unit-Area Gauge for MDF Mills
Wednesday, 07 November 2007

Electronic Wood Systems (EWS) announces the installation of their new Traversing Weight-per-Unit-Area Gauge for MDF mat Density at the St. Dizier MDF Mill in Isoroy, France. For the first time, this new system compensates for the Beam-hardening effect of x-ray in the mat and more accurately reports fibre distribution. Accurate on-line monitoring will allow for savings of material, resin and press time since variations can be adjusted for quickly and with confidence of accuracy beyond current devices.

EWS Debuted Three New Calibration Methods at LIGNA 2007
Friday, 05 January 2007

EWS Debuts Three New Calibration Methods at LIGNA 2007

At LIGNA 2007, in Hanover, German, Electronic Wood Systems focussed on new and forward thinking technologies. Featured, were three new calibration methods which have been developed for increasing the accuracy of thickness and Density measurement in the manufacturing of wood-based panels.

Steven L. Mays, President of EWS North America, pinpointed one problem that managers who operate production lines at today’s vastly increased speeds have to contend with - insufficient space for calibrating the measuring systems. EWS’ new calibration method for thickness measuring in continuous production lines, places an additional thickness track outside of the production flow, eliminating the expensive requirement of moving the frame out of production for calibration.

Another new calibration technique introduced by EWS is to separately pivot the sensors of a panel weight-density gauge for calibration purposes above and below the continuous production line. This new method allows the CONTI-SCALE to also be located  before the press for weight per-unit-area measurement in several tracks across the mat width on a continuous mat.

Also introduced at LIGNA is a procedure to calibrate the so-called Beam hardening effect of x-ray measurement. This phenomenon depends not only on the density of an MDF mat but on the thickness as well. This effect does not exist if isotopic radiation is used for measurement. For x-ray measurement, the accuracy of density measurement on MDF mats is markedly increased.

Patents for all three developments unveiled at LIGNA are pending.